I've been thinking for a while that I needed a soldering iron. I've actually bought one before and returned it before opening it. Finally, I bought one again and all the extra tools I need to make this glass box. I'm so glad I did because now I have so many ideas of new things to make with my iron! I have a lot to learn and I really need to practice cutting glass- that has been the trickiest part (even though YouTube tries to tell me it is the easiest part...). I just watched a few minutes of this video and then tried it out for myself. After the box was complete, I ended up with a few cuts and burns but I'd say it was worth it.

I also made this completely misshaped hexagon vase for some more practice. I am so surprised by how forgiving the solder is and how strong the shapes are in the end. I got all my tools at Hobby Lobby near the stained glass section- you can also find soldering irons and solder at Wal Mart or any hardware store near the plumbing repair section. For the glass, I went to Dollar Tree and picked up a few picture frames for an inexpensive glass option.

I'll share more about soldering and how to solder in another post!
Do you have any tips for soldering?


  1. Love this post!


  2. This is gorgeous! I have been wanting to do succulents as gifts for my wedding day and now I think I will make my own glass boxes...I eagerlyvawait your "how to". Thanks so much