Coin Pouch | DIY

If we are being completely honest, I haven't made anything other than passport cases or other items from my Etsy shop in a while. It's a funny thing- to always feel like I'm making something but not moving forward and making anything new or just making something for the heck of it. So earlier this week I told myself I should make something. Anything. So I did- with items I already had lying around. From there, I have made three other projects and I'm slowly crawling out of my hiatus. I think getting back into crafting just starts with something small, something simple, something practical. So I made a coin pouch. Easy, functional and something that has come in handy. 
Materials: Leather, fabric, sewing machine, paint pens, round object for shaping
Instructions: Trace your round object onto your leather and cut out 3 circles. Cut 1/4 off one circle, cut one in half and keep one a whole circle. Place the complete circle face down, layer the 1/4 circle on top and the 1/2 circle on top. Sew around the edges and place coins inside! 

These would make a great gift and are very functional! What have you been making lately? Be sure to leave a link so I can check it out! I promise soon I'll be back into making more tables and beds;)


  1. They look very cute! but I wander if the coins won't fall out if you hold the pouch upside down.

    1. Hi Gemma,

      The coins stay in place because of the top part of the circle. It is a flap underneath that keeps the coins in the pouch :)

  2. i soo want to make this!!
    Love you courtney!

  3. Super cute! This idea would also be great for fancy coasters, too - like for an indie themed party!

    ~ Mikéla Davelyn ~