Breakfast In The Afternoon + Uncommon Goods

I love breakfast. More specifically, breakfast for lunch or dinner. It is my go-to and never seems to disappoint. I'm an avid Waffle House customer (what can I say...they know how to make a dang good waffle), but sometimes I enjoy a good home cooked breakfast meal. What makes breakfast so sweet is the way you can make it so comfortable. By the atmosphere you create, breakfast is more than just a delicious meal but a fun activity. It is the perfect thing for a relaxing day off and to pop in a good movie on Netflix or listen to some laid back music.
I recently heard of the online shop, Uncommon Goods, and found it so difficult to just pick one item I liked best. These personalized mugs are perfect for a relaxing day off with the fluffiest pancakes and fresh orange juice. You can shop the mugs and other personalized items here.

As I got to know the brand and people behind Uncommon Goods, I was pretty impressed by the way they work. They are a company that work to sell items that are environmentally friendly and support handmade makers. Most goods they carry are made in the USA and shipped out of their historic warehouse building in Brooklyn. I definitely can stand behind a business like that! With holidays finally coming up, I have quite the list going of gift ideas from Uncommon Goods like personalized jewelry and gifts for my bridesmaids. You can shop jewelry here and gifts for her here.

My fiancé, Jordan and I have been enjoying breaking out our personalized mugs during our afternoon breakfast dates. To see more handmade and quirky gifts, you can visit the Uncommon Goods website!

Thanks Uncommon Goods for sending these our way!


  1. They are such lush mugs, you lucky things! Those pancakes look delicious, send some my way please!

  2. Breakfast is my favourite! Any time, anywhere! And like you said it's more than just breakfast. I look forward to my weekend big breakfasts as a nice re-charge and slow down during a busy week. Having to squeeze in meals where I can all week makes you really appreciate being able to sit down, relax and actually savour your food!

  3. So yummy!! And breakfast really is the most important meal of the day - may that be in the morning, the afternoon or in the evening eheh


  4. i'm reading these at breakfast time and pancakes looks so good right now! i wish i had more time to make some before work! although, i could definitely be down with having these for dinner.xo

  5. Those mugs are adorable. This post made me hungry.


  6. These are really beautiful. I love the mugs.
    Juli xx

  7. I love breakfast for dinner, and I really enjoyed these photos. There's such an intimate setting to them. :)