So…We Got A Dog.

You know when you walk in to Petsmart just "browsing" and come out with a dog? Yeah…my husband and I know that feeling. We have been throwing around the idea of getting a small dog in the future and the more we talked about it the more I was warming up to the idea. I never grew up with a dog and so I was a little reluctant to jump on board. When we saw the cute little Beagle/Lab mix with the most beautiful color, we knew we got ourselves into trouble by walking into Petsmart. 

We applied to adopt him, got accepted and brought him home! We named him Dirk (after the Maverick's basketball player, if you are a fan). He is 7 months old and they didn't know too much about him at the adoption place except he was probably abused as a smaller pup and he was most likely attacked by a larger dog due to his tail size and a knick on his head. 

He was so timid at first coming home and gets scared really easily, but he is playful and lovable and just too cute to have around. I guess I'm turning into a dog-lady now...


  1. Oh, I would have scooped him up too! What a handsome dog, Dirk! Thank heavens you saw him first, the cats would have been really mad. :)