Let's Talk Rugs!

If you looked at my search history over the past year, about 70% of it would be rug related. Everything from persian, to Target, to DIY, to eBay, to dying your own rug…I've probably researched it all. By the grace of Instagram rug stalking a bridal shop, I came across our now living room area rug. And by design blog stalking, I came across our dining room rug. You could say it is a problem, but I'd like to say it is a gift. I get a LOT of questions about our living room rug, so I'd like to answer those here as well as provide a round-up of some really great rugs available right now for reasonable prices. I'm currently out of the rug market because my in-depth rug research paid off. So I'm here to help you out, if you are in the market or just love looking at beautiful rugs like I do here are some thoughts on finding the perfect rug for your room.

Before starting your search for a rug, I recommend making a list of "must-haves" and determining the size you need. Our rug must-have list was pretty simple: must be at least 8x11 (9x12 is ideal), colorful but subtle, have a pattern and be under $800. The rug we found was 7'9x10'8, colorful yet had a muted pattern and was only $560! I think we did a good job sticking to our list for the most part and in the end found a rug we love.

Please don't settle for a too-small rug, it may be tempting but it will really make your room seem disproportionate and you'll be kicking yourself in the long run when you realize how it hurts your space more than it helps. Emily Henderson goes over the basics of rugs sizes and I recommend following her rules ;)

Here are some great rug options I found browsing around lately that I feel would look great in whatever space you have!

1. Jewels Rug- This is very similar in color to our rug, but has a more traditional pattern and style. I love how Anna from Annabode + Co styles hers in her home! A 7'9"x10'8" is only $519
2. Indigo Overdid Rug- A 9x12 for only $235..plus they have lots of sizes!
3. Justina Blakeney Fable Rug- I just had to throw this one in there..it is different and fun and I love anything Justina does!
4. Braided Texture Rug- I love this rug and wish we had a place in our home for it. I love the texture and how it looks so soft. I saw Molly style it in her new home and it is beautiful!
5. Hand-knotted Serapi Wool Rug- 8x10 wool rug that looks so plush and like it would add a lot of interest to any space! It is $855 but would be a great investment!
6. Ivory & Silver Area Rug from Wayfair Only $405 for a 9x12 and looks really soft! I think it would look great in a room with colored details.

I also LOVE browsing vintage rug shops like Frances Loom and The Vintage Rug Shop. In another life, I live in California and score flea markets to find the perfect vintage rugs like these gals. Finding the perfect rug for your space can take some digging, so don't give up!

Now for the Q&A of our current living room rug, the Abacasa Sonoma Myan Area Rug

Does the rug really look different from the stock photos?
-YES. The stock photo makes it look like a completely different rug.

Is the rug thin or thick and plush?
-The rug is thin(see below photo), but still is soft. It does not have a kilim-like texture and is nice under your feet. It is low-pile which means it is not shaggy and the fibers don't stand very tall (which makes most rugs feel plush). It is made out of 100% viscose so it is still very soft!
Do I need a rug pad for this rug?
-Yes! We bought a rug pad and haven't had any problems

Is it easy to clean?
-I use a vacuum on the rug without any problems. Unfortunately, we have spilled water on it and it actually changed the texture of the rug. So I would say it is not stain resistant. Since we spilled water on the rug, over time the texture has gone back to it's original state and you can't tell where we spilled it. You can also tell in the above photo how the couch was moved and the leg left an indention…but I believe that is an issue with lots most (if not all) rugs.

What are the true colors?
-My photos show a great depiction of the true colors. They are a mix of pink, light orange, blue, green and off white. Depending on where you stand, the colors are either lighter or darker which is a fun aspect to the rug!

Is it true to size?
-The sizes on the website (5'3x7'6 & 7'9x10'8) are true to size but don't round up or down and assume it will be like a 5x7 or 8x11. Measure your space first. We originally had a 9x12 rug in this room and this shape is very different than the standard rug shapes. It is more rectangle but we like it!

Would you recommend this rug?
-I can't speak for families with babies or animals…but we love our rug and would definitely recommend it! I recommended it to a friend with 4 kids and so far I think it works great for them! It has held up great so far, added character and style to our space and is surprisingly soft. RugsUSA has a free refund policy so I definitely recommend their site! For the price, it is totally worth it!

If you have any more questions, feel free to comment below and I'll get to them! I'd also love to hear what your favorite place to look for rugs is.


  1. This is so on point- I totally agree with you and cannot stress the importance of a good rug! This is our 3rd in 5 years because the first one NEVER stopped shedding (and came from an expensive name brand retailer) and the second absorbed every little crumb and hair. This last one (in the link below) was an overdyed vintage persian rug that we found on Etsy, and it is absolutely perfect. No shedding, great quality, and since its been used and overdyed the price was great!


    1. Hey Stefanie!

      Isn't it crazy how a lot of them shed?! So annoying…our last rug shed and it was the worst! Thanks for your feedback :)

  2. Thanks for your review! I have been looking at this rug but have a viscose rug that almost looks shiny, does this have a sheen to it as well?

    1. Hey Deanna,

      It isn't shiny, if you get close to it it has a slight sheen more than other rugs…but I wouldn't say it is shiny!

  3. Do you know if it's still sold with the fringe? On the website, the pictures are of your rug, but without the fringe.

    1. Mine came with fringe, but I ordered it over 2 years ago. I'm guessing they've since changed the design :/