Reading Nook Bench Ikea Hack | DIY

We have these two nooks on either side of our fireplace that are begging for built-in shelves. And when I say they are begging, I mean I'm the one begging for them. Until then, I will take advantage of the empty space and take photos for my print shop. I wanted to create a simple vignette with items I already had. I've been meaning to make this simple table/bench ever since I got these great tube legs, so it worked out perfectly! This bench would be perfect for a reading nook or as you see below a coffee table! I plan on using it as a small crafting table when I have a craft night with some friends soon. Whatever you use it for, it can be whipped up in less than 20 minutes. How's that for an Ikea hack?!

 Materials: Ikea table top, Tube Legs, Drill, Screws, Tape Measure
Process: Measure your table top and mark where you want the legs to go. I placed mine 5 inches in and left 3 inches on the sides of the legs. Drill a pilot hole and screw in place. Attach little feet to the tube legs to protect your floors and to add height. Repeat for the other leg, turn over and bam- you have a bench/coffee table!

 You can get this print (and its matching friend) in my print shop.  

See, it can also make a great coffee table! We are holding out for this one, but this shows how versatile this ikea hack is!

Surprisingly, this is my first Ikea hack! Got any great Ikea hacks I need to check out?


  1. currently pondering where I could find a nook in my home!

    1. Nooks are hard to come by, but even if it is a wall that is empty can be made into a nook!

  2. Simple but super cute!