Copper Coil Vase | DIY

If you need a simple, no-fuss centerpiece for a backyard summer party I have a quick DIY idea for you! This copper coil vase only takes three materials and just a few minutes!

 Materials: Mason Jar, Copper Coil (found at Home Depot), and a pipe cutter

Process: Hold the end of the coil to the top of the mason jar in place using one hand. Using your dominate hand, coil the copper around the jar keeping even spaces between each coil. Once you get to the end, take the copper off of the mason jar and using the pipe cutter, rotate around the copper until it splits in half. Place copper back on mason jar and fill with water and leaves or flowers!

Easy peasy, right? Make a bunch of these to line a table for your next event or keep them on your desk for something pretty to look at.

PS. That cute lamp is from Yucca Lane!


  1. Hi Courtney, cute idea with the copper coil. Maybe I have not had enough coffee or just not getting it, but can you explain or show example of the use of pipe cleaner. Thank you

    1. Hey! It is a pipe cutter instead of cleaner :) It is used to cut the pipe to the right length.