One Year Later: Our Reupholstered Couch

Just over a year ago, I was questioning if I would ever finish reupholstering our thrifted couch. I had many, many "what did I get myself into" moments since I had never upholstered anything before, let alone changing the shape of a couch.

Well I finally finished and a year later I still love our couch. I wanted to give an update on how the couch is a year later and what I wish I would've done differently.

The reason we bought this couch was the depth. We have been so spoiled that I don't think I can go back to a "normal" size couch again. Jordan and I have spent many nights sleeping side by side on this couch - it doubles as a second bed! It is the perfect lay down and watch a movie, curl up and read a book, and sip your morning tea couch. I think guests are a little perplexed by the couch when they first sit down, not realizing it is so deep. I like to think we are a "kick off your shoes and cozy up on the couch" house, so this is not a couch for sitting. It's true calling is for lounging, and we like it that way!

^yep, a dog chewed up our coffee table...we are in need of a replacement! ha!

Now, what would I change? One word: cushions. I will be the first to tell you I am not great at making cushions (yet!). These are not professional cushions and I think what really threw me off was when I changed the shape of the couch that also meant I needed to change the scale of the cushions. In the future I plan on re-stuffing them for more fluff! But I haven't once thought they were uncomfortable...maybe I'm biased ;)

Would I do it again? If you were to ask me right after I finished the answer would be a hard no. But now that I've had time to rest from reupholstery, I would like to do it again so I can continue learning!   I also think it would be fun to build a couch from scratch..maybe one day!

With all of that said, I am so happy I dove into this project, even when a beautiful new couch catches my eye, I still go back to the fact we have a great, deep, comfortable, couch as it is. If you have an upholstery project on your list, I challenge you to try it out!


  1. I have a vintage chair that I want to reupholster. I always think back to your couch and your adventure in that! One day I will get around to it. Thanks for the update :)

    1. My best advice is just to start :) You can totally do it!

  2. I was thinking about reupholstering a couch, just so I can have one in the shape, fabric, and color that I want. I have done A LOT of reupholstery. It is kind of stressful while your doing it...but it's always worth it in the end! Love your blog!!

    1. So true, it is a little overwhelming but a huge learning experience and rewarding in the end! Thanks for reading :)