The Perfect Finishing Details For Our Master Bathroom Renovation

Our Master Bathroom is soo close to completion! It has been so fun to dream up a bathroom from scratch and watch it come to life. I have some plans for finishing up the details and I'm trying to remind myself to be patient with the process. Even though I'm trying to be patient, it doesn't stop me from planning it out! I have a DIY I want to attempt, two special photos framed and for the rest I want to keep it pretty simple and thoughtful.

One thoughtful detail that I am excited about is our new framed photos that were professionally printed and framed by Framebridge. We have so many quotes and vacation photos around the house but I have always just bought inexpensive frames at a craft store so this was my first experience with a professional framer. When I opened the box, I could immediately see the detail that went into these frames! I loved the thoughtfulness of the handwritten note, packaging, and hanging supplies. I couldn't believe how well my iPhone photos printed and how simple the whole process was! I'm so thankful Framebridge takes all the work out of the equation so I could focus on other details in the bathroom renovation.

Jordan and I chose a photo from our honeymoon of ourselves (our first framed photo of us!) and a photo I took on my iPhone of some waves from a recent vacation since we both love the ocean. I love the clean wood frames that will tie in with our vanity! These photos are some we will keep close to us for years to come, I'm so thankful we have them framed to enjoy. If you have any photos or art work you want to show off, I highly recommend Framebridge. Use the code alwaysrooney15 at checkout for 15% off your order!

As for the rest of the details, here is a moodboard for where we are headed. The brass planters I have already started working on as a DIY. And the rest will come in due time!

We are on the home stretch, folks. For updates check my instagram stories!

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