Horizontal Privacy Fence | DIY

I'll be the first to admit our backyard is nothing pretty. Potential it has and one day it will reach that potential but for now it is not our favorite. One thing Jordan and I have vowed to do is enjoy our home before it is where we want it to be. We love our home so much but with Pinterest and Instagram it is so easy to fall in a trap of thinking you have so far to go before you can invite someone over to enjoy your space.

I feel strongly about this topic - enjoying your space where it is - and I will admit it isn't always easy. Last year a friend gave us her old fire pit, we pulled out string lights from our wedding and lugged every chair in our living room outside to have weekly bonfires. Some mornings I would even look outside and see Jordan had started a fire and was reading out there. I think that was when we learned the space we had was more than enough. 

Knowing how much time we used our backyard last year, I wanted to spruce it up just a bit. We have grand plans for the space but right now we figured a horizontal privacy fence was enough to hold us over. This project took just a couple days and was surprisingly way easier than I thought! I was inspired by Caitlin & Manda at The Merrythought to add plants to the wall and I just love how simple it is yet it makes me want to spend so much more time outside!

In these photos you'll get a glimpse of how far our space has to go but my main objective was to create a little backdrop to cover the cinderblock wall in between our shed and our house. This project is easily customizable but with the dimensions provided below I didn't have to make any cuts and the steps were kept to a minimum which makes this a great beginner project!

 Horizontal Privacy Fence DIY
Final measurements: 6 feet tall x 12 feet wide

Tools & Materials: 
- Wood decking screws
- Outdoor paint
- Extra board for measuring spaces 
- Level

1. Dig 3 holes 4 feet apart for your post that measure 2 feet deep.
2. Insert post into hole and follow quickcrete instructions to secure in place. Make sure your posts are level. Let dry for 24 hours.
3. Paint horizontal boards if desired.
4. Starting at the top, level your first board flush with the posts. Screw into place.
5. Using your extra board, measure the space in between the next board and drill into place.
6. Hang planter clips and fill with plants. 
7. Continue until your wall is complete!

This project was so fun to make, I would love to see if you decide to make your own horizontal privacy fence!



  1. this looks great!! what a little cozy spot to sit and read or relax from the day. i love your perspective-loving where you're at. my husband and i live in an apartment, and while we are over apartment life, we have truly made it our home. i remember first moving in and not feeling like it was "our space" and it took time to build that, but it's really lovely now. it's not our dream home by far, but we have made it our home, and that's what's important! sweet words-thank you! :-)

    1. I love that you took the time to make it yours - that really is what's important!