A Honest West Elm Harmony Sofa Review

It has been one year with our West Elm's Harmony Sofa so I wanted to give an honest, not sponsored review. Before we decided on this sofa, I looked around the internet for other opinions since it was an investment. That's my goal in this post - is to help you decide if it is right for you!

What Sofa Did You Get?

The exact sofa we have is the Harmony Extra Deep 82" Yarn Dyed Linen in Stone White.

First thing to know is I love a deep sofa. When ordering in the store, they tripled checked that I wanted the extra deep option. It is very deep (47") and I love that because it is for lounging, living and a kick-off-your-shoes-and-curl-up-with-a-book type home. When we have friends over I offer them extra pillows to put behind them if they aren't as comfortable to settle in at first...but my favorite thing is when a friend leans back into the giant couch with a cup of tea and stays for a while to chat. That is why I love a deep couch: it invites. So if that isn't your vibe, I recommend getting the standard depth (41") because it is still deeper than most!

Deciding On a White Sofa

A white sofa is a risky decision to most. We decided we would take the risk only if we were willing to stain treat it immediately and take the extra time to care for it. We used seven cans of Scotch Guard the day it arrived to cover every inch of the couch and it has made a huge difference! You can also check locally for professionals to come in and treat your couch. This usually comes with a warranty and is a great option if you don't want to use Scotch Guard.

Two other reasons we took the risk of white are because of the removable cushion covers and choosing a linen fabric. In one year of having our sofa, I've only machine washed the covers once but they came out brand new!

The linen fabric we chose is also forgiving. It is great because it is breathable and won't trap stains like other fabrics.

How We Clean Our Sofa

Depending on the dirt, stain or spill, I just use a wet magic eraser on the spot. Usually, it comes right out! If it is a bigger spill I will throw the cover in the wash. I regularly vacuum it as well.

There is natural piling that happens just like with your favorite sweater. That's when I use this sweater shaver and the piling is gone in seconds.

I also use a lint roller to pick up hairs and little crumbs. I'm interested to see if a chom chom roller would do the same thing!


This sofa is so cozy. The depth makes it as big as a twin size mattress and is perfect if you have guests. The filling is not too soft and not too firm, over time it has settled in to the perfect comfort level - which I can attest to from spending countless hours on this couch postpartum. I asked Jordan his honest thoughts and he just added it is so comfortable, no complaints!

Just go to your local West Elm and you'll see what we mean.

Last Thoughts

If white isn't for you, they have so many color and fabric options! It takes time to take care of it but honestly I think you should have that mindset for any piece of furniture that you want to last for a while.
This is a larger couch and even at first I was shocked at how much bigger it felt in our space. Over time I got used to it but this is something to note and make sure you double check the measurements for your space.

I really don't have anything negative to say about the West Elm Harmony Sofa. I would choose it again if given the chance. I hope this gives you confidence in your investment, I know how it can be scary taking a risk on a sofa!

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