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Our Christmas Home Tour | 2017

Every year I try to share a short home tour of our Christmas decor. This year I actually finished decorating, which has been so nice to actually enjoy our home all cozy for Christmas.  I have enjoyed changing things up this year, but sticking with the same theme: greenery, twinkly lights and neutrals. 

See past christmas home tours here: 2016 and 2015.



Our Everyday, Ordinary, No Makeup Home Tour

I've been wanting to share a home tour of what our home usually looks like. After reading Kyla's post I knew it was time to share here on my blog. I love a clean home but in reality, the pillows are flat, books are strewn, groceries are on the counter and random chairs are everywhere.

Since I always post photos of our home right after I clean, here is what it looks like on the "normal" days.
 In our living room take note of the stuffing from that elephant that ZaZa destroyed. There are usually dishes left over from having friends over and extra chairs in random places. I haven't changed the "Happy Thanksgiving" message board and the pillows are regularly squished flat.
 More stuffing from that stuffed elephant (RIP), lots of cords and furniture out of place. See that cactus? It was previously in another planter and died after neglect and no sunlight, that is my attempt at salvaging half of it.

Does anyone else's dining table become the dropping place for mail, bags and everything else? Dishes are also taking over because I believe I broke our dishwasher.

 My studio is especially full during the holiday season. I try to clean it before the weekend comes but right now the floor is covered in leather scraps. I've yet to put away the boxes for the holiday decor.
 I doubt you have ever seen this room, it is Jordan's music studio. It is also where we store all our random things that won't fit in a closet and hang our clothes to dry (I know, very random). One day it will get the love and attention it deserves!
I'll leave you with a photo of our vanity covered in stuff. Usually we keep it pretty clean but we haven't readjusted from coming home from vacation.

The truth is, I love a clean home that is styled and untouched. But the I also love living in our home. I love having a place where friends can come and plop down on the couch without worrying if they'll ruin something. I love our space even when it is disheveled because it reminds me of the people that come in and out of here. Don't let the pretty photos fool you, there can be beauty in the ordinary as well.

Thanks Kyla for the extra inspiration to share my own no makeup home tour.


Where To Shop Small This Holiday Season

Happy Small Business Saturday! Hopefully you've been able to shop around locally today, if not don't worry there is plenty of time left to shop small this holiday season. I've had my own small business for the past four years and seeing the outpouring of support through the holidays is humbling. When you shop small, you are directly impacting families and allowing your dollars to continue to circulate locally. I hope you choose to support small businesses this season, I can tell you that a small business owner does a happy dance over every order!

Here is a list of small businesses you can shop this season:

Sloan + Tommy: beautiful concrete and clay jewelry and accessories. 

Yucca Lane: coffee pour overs and art prints

Simply Said Design Co: metal art designs for your home.

Jake Fowler Design: wooden homewares and leather accessories

Pursuing Pie: custom shelfie art prints and notepads

Dainty Mae & Company: the cutest bows and headbands for little girls

The Urban Acres: stocking kits, wreaths, and ornament kits. Sallie also hosts a number of workshops throughout the holidays, check them out here

Milk and Honey Creative: prints, ornaments, scarves and cute stockings!

Tash Matic: lovely personalized leather goods.

Unanchored Studio: custom wall hangings and scarves.

Vitruvi: I love their diffusers and essential oil blends!

The Merrythought: Manda and Caitlin have a great selection of home goods that first started as DIYs on their blog

Convivial Production: beautiful pottery and homewares.

Albion Fit: activewear that I love! The quality is amazing

Consider The Wldflwers: both Jordan and I have jewelry from CTW and love these pieces! 

Shop Clay: beautiful artisan goods made in mexico, all proceeds go to helping people in need.

BijouxLu & Co: handmade home goods. I have a plant stand that I love from here.

RaneMade: I love this handmade clothing line!

Woven By Willa: Sarah makes the most beautiful items from macrame wall hangings to keychains!

Margaret Vera: beautiful bags and I especially love the customizable camera strap.

Viklund Made: amazing personal illustrations

Urban Oreganics: small batch, organic, handcrafted skincare products

WM Goods: small shop supporting independent makers.

The Rootless Wanderer: handmade and american goods owned by a military wife.

And don't forget the local photographers, coffee shops and restaurants in your area!