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4 Apps That Help Save Money

Before I start this post, I want to assure you this is written from my personal experience. This is not sponsored in any way and I just want to share because I have benefitted from each of these apps. Enjoy!

I love a good sale, coupon code, or gift card. I got it from my Momma! With a long list of other things on our wishlist, picking up the latest decor that hits Target's shelves every season is not a high priority. Even though the decor just keeps getting better and better.

I have been using these apps to save money for almost 2 years and they have paid off big time. Now, when I see a decor item I "have to have", I set a goal to save using these apps so then I can turn around and buy the item with a gift card.

1. Cartwheel by Target - I hope you already have the Cartwheel app! I use it every time I go into Target and I have saved $75.00 and counting! Just from scanning things before I checkout. That's insane! What else is great is you can stack this app with the savings from your Target RedCard...bam!

2. Walmart - The walmart app is so easy to use, you just scan your receipt and it price matches other stores and refunds you the difference on a gift card. I turn around and use this gift card for groceries or home necessities.

3. Shopkick - You know those Instagram advertisements that you think are just a scam? That is how I found out about Shopkick. I actually tried it and so far I've gotten $60 worth of gift cards to Target! With that, I've bought a round mirror and a lamp...all for just opening the app when I walk in certain stores. You can choose from a long list of gift cards to use your kicks towards.

*Use this link to download Shopkick, walk into a store within 7 days of downloading and you'll get 250 kicks!

4. Ibotta - This is a lot like the Walmart app, you scan your receipt after you get home and find deals they are offering that match your receipt. I love that Ibotta actually deposits the cash for you, you don't have to choose a gift card. I easily earned $35 within a couple months of joining!

*Use this link to download Ibotta and you can get $10 with just signing up and unlocking your first product!

I love a good way to save money, and I love a good challenge. These apps turn it into a game for me to only use a gift card to buy these items. You won't be earning gift cards over night, but if you are patient and diligent then you'll be able to splurge for that new decor item at Target. I hope you have fun using these apps! What are your favorite apps that help you save?!


Hexagon Tile Serving Tray DIY

I'm on a tile kick! After making a hexagon tile vase and giving our fireplace a makeover, I made a simple serving tray. If you are wanting to learn a few tiling techniques and don't have a fireplace to makeover, this is a great project to start with! 
-2 Thin sheets of plywood that measure the height of your tile when stacked (I found mine at Michaels)
-Wood Glue
-White Grout
-Tile float
-Tile Cutter
-Miter Saw
-White Paint or Stain of your choice
1. Cut your plywood to desired shape. I cut mine to measure 7.5x17 inches for the bottom piece and 7.5x12 for the top piece.
2. Glue the two pieces of wood together, lining the edges up.
3. Dry fit your tiles and cut them to fit the empty space using a tile cutter.
4. Lay down mortar and put tile in place. Wait 24 hours for mortar to dry 
5. Grout the tile using your float and then wipe the grout off with the damp sponge. Let grout dry for two hours and then wipe with a microfiber cloth.
6. Sand down your tray and paint/stain to desired color. Coat the wood with polyurethane to last longer and repel stains. 

*For more tile photos and how-tos, check out this post.
There you have it! It is not as complicated as you would think. I love having a stash of trays at home to use with meals, serving at parties and to style on our coffee table. If you are looking for more serving tray DIYs check out this hexagon tray, and this copper and wood serving board.



The Reality Of Our Holiday Home Decor

With 6 days until Christmas, our tree has a total of 6 ornaments and half the lights are burned out. It's a Christmas miracle our house is clean, and I didn't get to most things on my want-to-make list. This season has been a little overwhelming in the best of ways. But you know what? I'm so grateful for this small business, all my customers and the grace of God that carried me through this month....at the end of the day our burned out Christmas lights still make me smile. 🌲 I'm making a note in my calendar to start decorating November 1st next year 😉 

The good news is the outside lights are on, thanks to Jordan and I did manage to wrap a few gifts and make a few wreaths with friends! 

The reality: it isn't perfect. The busy-ness of December got ahead of me. But it is cozy and it's us. This season will always be crazy busy, I'm learning to embrace it.