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Master Bathroom Progress | Part Two

It's time for another bathroom progress update! If you are just joining in, my husband and I are adding a master bathroom to our bedroom! I already showed you the before photos and the design plan, and the first stages of the renovation. Here is where we are now...

Above, you'll see the shower and toilet area all framed out and ready for tile.
I love the look of having subway tile cover the entire back wall! This was Jordan's suggestion and I think he nailed it!
Above, you'll see where the floating vanity will go and the faucet will be mounted on the wall.
I was toying with the idea to change the subway tile to herringbone pattern instead of the floor but I decided to stick with our original design and I am loving how it has turned out so far! I can't wait to see it with black grout!
The photo above gives a glimpse of our finish choices (and our cute dog) with the exception of the hexagon tile. Instead, we will have matte black penny tile. This tile has been quite the hassle to track down and have delivered on time! Thankfully, this has been the only hang up so far in the whole space.

Other details I'm still working on and trying to be patient with are choosing a rug, window treatments, and bathroom accessories. Call me crazy, but I really want a hanging chair in the space. We are waiting for the final vanity measurements to see if it will fit!

I ordered two framed photos from Framebridge that I really think will make the space more custom while bringing in the right amount of color. Overall, seeing it all come to life has been so rewarding!

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How To Create A Vision Journal & Why You Need One

Three Christmas's ago my mom gave me this book. It was a few months after I launched my Etsy shop and took it on full-time. Being in a new season of my life full of unknowns, this book really helped me to dream a little bigger and break down big goals into bite size pieces. The book encourages you to create a vision journal because writing down your dreams is the best way to get started.

I've been adding dreams to my vision journal for three years now and I truly think most of the things I am doing today started with the simple step to write it out and make a plan. I felt it was about time I share with you why you need your own vision journal and how to get started.

"Write the vision" is based on Habakkuk 2:2 in the Bible. It says "Write the vision and make it plain so that the one who reads it can run with it". So, for me, the vision is a dream or goal - big or small - that I want to work towards. I love that the book, Imagine Big, encourages you to write down even the small dreams and the seemingly silly ones.

The book also points to Proverbs 29:18 "Where there is no vision, the people perish." So writing these things down and keeping them in front of you is so important, and sometimes half the battle. I've written down so many things in my journal that seem too lofty or too silly to even voice...but there is something about writing it down on paper that changes a goal to a vision!

 How To Create A Vision Journal
*download the printable vision journal worksheet*

1. Grab a journal - too easy, right?! Pen & paper. I'm serious about this one. Grab a journal designated for dreams and visions and make sure you like it, you'll have it for a while! 
2. Write down one goal per page- you'll need the full page because you'll be adding a lot to it!
3. Keep the goal at the top- whatever the goal is, write it boldly at the top!
4. Next comes the picture- For this, you'll need a printer, clippings from a magazine or you can draw it out. You want your dream to be visualized, so print, clip or sketch a picture that represents this goal. Sometimes I will print a photo and draw over it to help better represent the end goal.
5. Set a time stamp- Write the current date out. This is so you can look back and see when you set the dream.
6. Make Plans- A goal is just a a bunch of words without a plan. A goal becomes a vision when there are plans in place to reach it. Write out the first steps on how you are going to make it happen! Sure, you probably don't know steps 3&4, so just start with the first couple of steps. It will grow from there as you make progress!
7. Notes- This is where you add any extra thoughts or current feelings. I like to use this spot to share current ideas that are tied to the goal.
8. Scriptures & Inspiration- I love to have scriptures (like Habakkuk 2 & Proverbs 29) in front of me to look to when I maybe feel discouraged about the vision. You can also add inspirational quotes here!
9. Date Achieved- this spot will be blank until the day you get to open your journal again and put a new time stamp on it. This is the best part, to look back on #2-8 and see how your vision came to life!

"Aim at nothing and you'll hit it every time" - Zig Zigler

If this seems intimidating, I promise it is not! The most intimidating part is writing the vision down, and that is why it is a journal - to keep private. To help you get started, here is a free print out vision journal page to get you started and build off of. 

I hope this helps you take one step closer to those dreams you have close to your heart! I'll take the risk of sounding like a fortune cookie and leave you with this: Remember, no dream is too big, too small, or too silly to write down see come to life!


Sconce Lighting From Amazon Under $100

While designing our master bathroom, I was blown away at the options Amazon had for just about everything. When you are pulling a whole room together it isn't surprising how quickly things add up. This leaves little room for the finishing touches like mirrors, lights, and bathroom accessories.

When looking at all of the lighting options, I could have easily spent $500 just on sconce lighting! Thanks to Amazon, we spent $80 total.

In case you are wanting to replace any sconces around your home, here is a lighting roundup from amazon! The best part is all of the options are mostly under $50, the most expensive one is $82 which is still a steal.

1. White and Brass Bell Shaped Sconce  | 2. Black Swing Arm | 3. Antique Edison Sconce | 4. Brass Sconce5. Brass Globe Sconce | 6. Celeste Wall Sconce | 7. Double Globe Wall Sconce | 8. Black Vanity Sconce | 9. Brass Swing Arm

Which sconce would you choose?