Hey! I'm Courtney Weston and I love to make things.

I own two Etsy shops. A Leather Travel Goods Shop & A Digital Print Shop. And I just launched a new small business called The Tire Cover Shop.

I started Always Rooney as a blog in 2012 to share my DIY ideas. The travel goods shop was born in August of 2013 from one of those ideas. My digital print shop came along in March of 2016.

I'd rather make things. I love making our house a peaceful home. I love living in Oklahoma with my husband, Jordan,  and our fluffy pup, ZaZa. We love serving in the local church.  I love long walks down every aisle in Home Depot and Target ;)

I am passionate about doing what you love and helping people work towards their own dreams and goals- especially if it involves opening up an online shop! (Newsletter plug: if you are interested in growing and improving your Etsy business, sign up here for weekly Etsy tips and insights!)

Thanks for following along :)